What is a Frugalometer?

January 23, 2017

I’m not surprised if you don’t know, because we made it up. At Griffin-Lantz we strive to find the most frugal insurance rates for our clients. We understand that paying insurance is not fun. What is fun is saving a lot of money.

Bart asked one of our agents, Randy Wilker, why he loves selling insurance?

Without any hesitation, he replied, “saving people money”. That is our culture here at Griffin-Lantz. We actually find it fun saving you money without sacrificing service or necessary coverage.

If you missed our recent video you need to watch it. We set a goal to see how quickly we can save our clients $50,000 by switching their insurance company and maintaining the same or better coverage. Yes, I said better coverage! We often find such a good deal that we can make coverage recommendations and still save money in the end. Each month, we will have Randy update you on the Frugalometer reading. So, keep an eye out for Randy’s updates.

Watch Our Video: https://youtu.be/4CwDJYdvNKc